The Keeper of Love

Do not desire him who keeps the rocky gate
that seals the consuming fire of Love
if you love your body or the world too much.

For he shall skin your soft flesh
and using your bones as a base
fashion you into a high-tempo drum.

He shall draw your veins and muscles
and using your heart as a base
string you into a matchless violin.

He shall uproot your chattering teeth
and using your jaw as a base
arrange you into an ageless piano.

Then his angels shall pluck and play you
until you rhyme with his primordial music
to nourish new pilgrims travelling the high road.

by Gabriel Ezutah

Gabriel was born in Nigeria and now lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is a novelist, poet and dedicated keeper of dream journals for over-three decades. He had only a formal education. His father told him numerous stories as a child, which helped lay the foundation for his creative career. Gabriel has been widely published in many poetry publications and spiritual journals in Nigeria, the United States and Ireland. His first collection of poetry is titled, Pebbles of Sound. This was followed by Trail of Immortality—a spiritual novel. The central theme of his writing is the eternal quest for true spiritual freedom. His favourite poets include W. B. Yeats, William Blake, Walt Whitman and Rumi, while his greatest inspiration comes from the writings of Harold Klemp and Paul Twitchell.

Photo Credit: Ray Bilcliff