What Matters in Life

What matters in life
Is not the house that you own
But the way that you live
It's not the money that you have
But how you spend it

Surely what matters in life
Is not the way you look
But your outlook on things
It's not the job that you have
But how well you work

What should really matter in life
Is not the harvest that you'll reap
But the kind of seeds
That you've sown
It is not how far you've come
But what you did along the way

How many people have you lifted up today?

By Dr. Ejiro Obakponovwe

Dr Ejiro Obakponovwe (14th November 1974 – 13th April 2014) was the second of 5 children. She attended the prestigious Queen’s College in Lagos, Sheffield University, Leicester University and Cambridge University where she trained to be a medical doctor. She was a strong, creative, generous and friendly person who was loved by those who knew her well. She battled her illness with admirable strength and will be greatly missed. Her poem was kindly submitted by her sister. 

Photo credit: Cassidy Marshall