Shifty Truth

Ever craning stiff a long giraffe
ever gliding wide a daring eagle
ever roaming the deep a shark
in search of diamond-egg of truth

I came upon shallow truth a roving hawk.
I had made my nest a miserly sparrow
settled a migrant bird in hot summer
but what sleep a chick in a kite’s canopy?

Like shifting sand of boiling desert
my truth dried soft dew in harmattan
and I must repeat this endless migration,
always adding an inch to elastic dreams.

Endless the sky stretches truth,
for the blue-eyed-eagle’s playing field,
a fainting span for crows and ravens,
a nightmare for chicken’s grainy brain.

Out of a gloomy sky, gray overcast,
a crack and peal of a sudden thunder,
a sweep of blinding lightning paint a rainbow,
an awakening of soul from ages of slumber.

Lasting friends of blue, white and yellow lights,
haunting melodies of flutes, violins and bees,
a hotline link with the Dream Master;
now behold familiar old truths eternal!

by Gabriel Ezutah

Gabriel was born in Nigeria and now lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is a novelist, poet and dedicated keeper of dream journals for over-three decades. He had only a formal education. His father told him numerous stories as a child, which helped lay the foundation for his creative career. Gabriel has been widely published in many poetry publications and spiritual journals in Nigeria, the United States and Ireland. His first collection of poetry is titled, Pebbles of Sound. This was followed by Trail of Immortality—a spiritual novel. The central theme of his writing is the eternal quest for true spiritual freedom. His favourite poets include W. B. Yeats, William Blake, Walt Whitman and Rumi, while his greatest inspiration comes from the writings of Harold Klemp and Paul Twitchell.

Photo credit: Lucas Campoi