The Friends You Betrayed

They didn’t like you that much 
But they made you their queen 
So they could worship and loathe you at the same time 
Taking you out to dinner 
Laughing at your jokes 
Pushing other friends out so you could come in 
Making plans around your schedule
If you couldn’t come, there was no point in anyone going
Everything always weighed on your shoulders 
When you didn’t join them 
They told you how much you missed out 
And would remind you at every occasion
While the attention felt good 
You wondered why that crowd busied itself around you
They put your opinion on a pedestal
Reflected their own achievements in the best light
For your eyes only 
Constantly seeking your approval
Giving you stuff, time, effort 
‘Not deserved,’ you thought
But it didn’t matter, that was friendship 
Friendship should also understand that
Taking a moment for yourself was okay too
But here it meant betrayal 
‘How dare you, after everything we gave?’
The hurtful words came fast enough 
To confirm your earlier doubts
They didn’t like you that much
But why did they make you their queen? 

By Ziallo Gogui

Photo credit: Pixabay