Life’s Demands

We may rev like trucks or cry like hawks,
We may crow like cocks or stand like rocks,
When life asks for change, for that next step.

We may stand and shake, shivering agape,
We may run like hares, from brave tigers,
How we kneel and beg, like rich beggars!

As the sea moves on, the banks adjust,
As the winds push on, palms bend with trust,
The wise downward brook rejoins the sea,
As the wind-blown smoke goes home with glee.

All the pains of life, both big and small,
From wants to cancer, to homeward call,
Are to shape the soul, with light and love.
Life never asks for more than we can give!

by Gabriel Ezutah

Gabriel was born in Nigeria and now lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is a novelist, poet and dedicated keeper of dream journals for over-three decades. He had only a formal education. His father told him numerous stories as a child, which helped lay the foundation for his creative career. Gabriel has been widely published in many poetry publications and spiritual journals in Nigeria, the United States and Ireland. His first collection of poetry is titled, Pebbles of Sound. This was followed by Trail of Immortality—a spiritual novel. The central theme of his writing is the eternal quest for true spiritual freedom. His favourite poets include W. B. Yeats, William Blake, Walt Whitman and Rumi, while his greatest inspiration comes from the writings of Harold Klemp and Paul Twitchell.

Photo credit: Pixabay