Quotidian Colours

The touch of goldfinch wings in Apollo’s arc
awakens a mind growing spiky yellow straw,
pricking alert my life, as if a grass green park
parches olive, then tints orange, before
igniting delusions of divinity
as a golden-crested Wren which rises,
King of birdsong in serenity.
The blackish-grey of my beak, pecking veinous
blood from the back of my umber Eagle
throne, as day declines to imperial
purple, then to velvet black; frugal
in the ink-scratch of my pen’s memorial.
Platonic milky white smell of sleep
pure as the snow under the blanket’s heap. 

by John Moody

John lives on Scotland’s Clyde estuary.  His work has been published in Dawntreader, Dreich magazine, The SquawkBack, PocketPoetry Southlight and in anthologies published by Pure Slush Books in Australia and Coin-Operated Press. He was Shortlisted for the EarlyWorks Press poetry competition in 2019 and 2020, and placed third in Scottish Association of Writers Short story competition in 2017.