Who knew that seasons could be so finely balanced?
Yesterday, summer seemed to stretch forever,
an elastic band keeping shorts, sun lotion,
ice cream, barbecues and postcards home
together in one thrilling clutch.

Overnight it seems we've toppled into autumn. 
This morning the half-hearted clouds are massing,
insistent we've seen quite enough of blue sky.
The breeze has stiffened, rushing in at open windows,
bringing with it the firm promise of rain.

Although this means a change of clothes,
that thoughts turn to nights drawing in,
we've no need to mourn the end of sunshine.
Remember our ancient feasts and customs:
there's comfort and solace in their renewal.

by Ben Banyard

Ben Banyard lives in Portishead, on the Severn Estuary just outside Bristol. His third collection, Hi-Viz, was published by Yaffle Press in 2021 and is available from his website at https://benbanyard.wordpress.com. Ben also edits Black Nore Review: https://blacknorereview.wordpress.com.