Moon and the Puddle

The day I saw the moon in a puddle,
your feelings said ‘pull’ and your body said ‘push’.
The morning routine had been a sumptuous mix 
of ‘I want peanut butter on toast!’, and ‘I don’t 
want peanut butter on toast!’
You were already so good at igniting the gas to the light.
You were hurting.
It was so obvious
but so hard to understand at times.
My brain said ‘yes’, my body said ‘no’
as I yanked you down the street.
That’s when I saw the moon in a puddle
but my world hadn’t come tumbling down yet.
‘it’s a super moon,’ you said, all little features
and shaky voice.
I said ‘yes’.
We walked to the station in silence.
You, looking for the moon and getting upset
when it got covered by a building.

by Emma Dawson

Emma has always written in order to process emotions. Her themes are usually about mental health and trauma. This poem is about parenting an adopted child who has early trauma, trying to remember theory of therapeutic parenting but not always getting it right, and the small things that can repair their attachments.