It often happened at dinner.
The whistling/then came the blast/
followed by an expulsion of breath/and knowing that I have been spared/
but only just_
While somewhere/amid cries/and choking clouds of smokes/
there was a scrambling/
a barehanded digging/of pulling out debris/
what remained of a sister/
a brother/a grandmother
I wasn't at all surprised/when father said/
fate is what is beyond man's control/
In every book/everyone has a chapter/
we reincarnate/we come back again/
we are all characters/entertaining God
But then I wonder/if God was smiling/or sobbing
when our breath/was rinsed by death/
while we entertain.

by Mahbubat Kanyinsola Salahudeen

Mahbubat Kanyinsola Salahudeen is a writer, poet, spoken words artist and human rights activist who resides in South Western Nigeria. Her work has featured or is forthcoming at several places including Spillwords magazine, Fiery Scribe Review, Ice Lolly, Neon Magazine, Down in the Dirt, Ice Flow Press, Northern Press, Terror Magazine, Brittle Paper, Agapanthus Magazine and elsewhere. She is a Girl Up Scholarship Fund Recipient 2021, a Girl Up Project Award Recipient 2021, a winner of IHRAF Creators of Literary Justice Award 2021 and a IHRAF 2022 Youth Fellow.