Under the Radar

There is life too
under the radar,
no having to court the ladder
to be in the glare
of unfiltered spotlight.
No having to flare
narratives of convenience
to keep up with the glow
of being in every conversation.
No steering every issue
to the straits of Narcissus.
No walking on a tightrope
in being notice-board attraction.
Under the radar, 
there is life too.

by Emman Usman Shehu

Emman Usman Shehu is the author of three collections of poetry – Questions for Big Brother, Open Sesame and Icarus Rising. His poetry has feature in several off and online journals most recently in Panoply,Channel, Kufena and Best New African Poets (BNAP). He writes across the genres, is passionate about organising writing workshops and is a member of the Abuja Writers Forum (AWF).