Our Bodies Are Like The Wind; It’s Open, It’s Free…

Every day is a new day, and you'll never be able
to find happiness if you don't move on
____Carrie Underwood.
how can a man fly away from his burdens?

suppose a man lit himself & calls his body 
a cathedral, consumed by smoke-- maybe incense,
or say he calls his body a bird in a gilded cage.

yesterday, a man held his life like a face between 
his palms, chased his dreams
till he was trapped in his psychosis, 
a living nightmare-- tailored by his own brain
to play on his deepest fears.

this mind is a singing bird--
it can be caged, allowed to feed on its anger, &
add to its angst.
it can leap freely, 
freely to smell the salts of the sea
& wash its beak in the morning mist.

believe me; our minds are like the wind; it's open, it's free,
& it touches all who welcome its embrace. 
when the mind feels heavy, turn to a bird,
& fly away from your worries.
for happiness is like waiting for the light at the end 
of the tunnel, when all you need to do is lit it yourself.

by Ókólí Stephen Nonso

Ókólí Stephen Nonso is a Nigerian writer whose work has previously appeared in various respected literary publications both in Nigeria and internationally. He was a joint winner of the May 2020 Poets in Nigeria (PIN) 10-day poetry challenge, first runner-up in the fresh voice foundation Poetry contest, and a third prize winner of the Akuko magazine inaugural prize for Poetry 2021.  He was included in the ‘Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2021’ by Sweetycat press publication.

You can say hello to him onTwitter @OkoliStephen7