The Writer

I am a writer. I know this to be 
true because when words flow, I am flying. 
But the words don’t always come; 
stuck on the tip of my tongue, 
partially formed ideas float away on 
the next ebb of a brainwave. 
Sometimes I can’t hear myself think because 
all I can hear is everything I’m thinking all at once. 
Half-formed sentences spin off
in all directions, suspended in the 
word soup of my brain. I grasp 
for them, but they are repelled
by a reverse magnetic force, drifting 
off into an abyss from 
where I cannot retrieve them. 

by Hannah Dryden

Hannah Elisabeth Dryden is a writer from Oxford, England. She is immersed in words both as a writer of poetry and short fiction, as well as in her day job as a digital content designer. 

photo by Pixabay