Orpheus’ Lament

I’m petrified of forgetting
the visage of my wife beaming
at me on our wedding day,
in front of celestial friends and family,
after we said our vows.
She wore a muslin dress 
and insisted on being bare foot;
she longed to listen to the babbling brook
that snaked through the wood;
the location where we danced, drunk on mead.
Jealousy is an aphrodisiac to the gods. 
My wife and I escaped a gang of lustful shepherds…
(neither noticed the venomous serpent,  
coiled in a nook, by her lily-white feet). 

by Aaron Lembo

Aaron Lembo’s debut poetry pamphlet It’s All Gone Don Juan was published by erbacce-press (2020). His short poetry film Birdcage was a finalist at Brighton Rocks International Film Festival (2021). In years gone by he taught English in China, Spain and Vietnam. Still teaching, he lives and works in England.

photo credit: Suzy Hazelwood