All the faux philosophies,
             the fat stinkers,
             the hollow-skulled bugs
dark as apple seeds,
             the swarm of beady notions
with fragile spines,
             the insistent, incessant screechers;
a fool-god gives them          legs
             and they burrow,
             embed themselves in the tart rind
of human exchange.
Feverish, compelled, they needle
rhino-skinned reason,
pincers ever poised, poisonous
under the shield called theory,
             the tearers, the throttlers
claim dominion over sense
and hack with half-formed
schemes like scythes, they butcher
with blunt tools 
until all dialogue
             is disembowelled.

by Suzi Mezei

Suzi Mezei is a Sri Lankan born Australian writer whose work is influenced by her culture and experience.  Her work appears in several journals such as Cordite, Aniko, Hecate and Burrow and anthologies including Award Winning Australian Writing, Curiouser and The Sky Falls Down. She has won some prizes and her work has been performed on stage.