Sea Urchin

The crystal blue of postcard paradise
was punctured by black spikes 
near the shallows of the sea, so still 
it was like a plant. A perfect sphere
of spines, I didn’t see, but rather felt
as three of these or the pedicellariae 
broke off inside my heel. On land,
the locals said to hit it with coral, and
I stained the white of it with my blood.
Still, could feel its inky blackness inside me,
sitting silently under the surface of my skin.

by Carmina Masoliver

Carmina Masoliver is a poet from south London, and founder of She Grrrowls feminist arts nights. She has been sharing her poetry on both the page and the stage for over a decade, and her small chapbook was published by Nasty Little Press in 2014. Her latest book ‘Circles’ is published by Burning Eye Books (2019) and is an illustrated long-form poem, and she recently self-published ‘Selected Poems: 2007 – 2012’, a mixed media pamphlet of poems. Her poetry has also been featured in publications such as Popshot Magazine, The Rialto and Brittle Star. Carmina was long-listed for the Young Poet Laureate for London award in 2013, the inaugural Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowships in 2017, the Out-Spoken Prize in Performance Poetry in 2018 and the Grindstone International Poetry Prize in 2020. Alumni of the Roundhouse Poetry Collective, she has featured at nights such as Bang Said the Gun, and festivals including Latitude, Bestival and Lovebox both as a collective and individually. She performed internationally whilst living abroad, in Singapore, and in Spain. I/F: @carminamasoliver T: @CarminaPoetry 

Photo credit: Ish Sookun