I just completed an MA Creative Writing course at the University of Hull and until this year, I never considered submitting my writing for publication. During the course, I felt confident to dig out old pieces I wrote but abandoned. Seeing them with fresh eyes made me think that I too could call myself a writer, and that my work was worth sharing with the world. I know a lot of people feel intimidated by the work of experienced writers and therefore keep their own work hidden in desktop folders named ‘never to be published’ (maybe). 

The idea of this magazine came after I submitted a few stories to competitions and realised that beyond hoping to see my work published, I wanted to encourage other people to make a bold step with their writing. I enjoy a good story too. I thought of creating this platform for new stories to come out of old folders and into the light, and for me to help them make their debut into the world. 

It has been an absolute delight to read the first submissions. I didn’t know what to expect and I was not disappointed. As a new editor, I am aware that there is a lot to learn but there is also a lot of fun to have. I will trust the process. 

As we launch this webzine, which I hope will grow into a respected publication, I would like to thank the authors who trusted me with their unpublished babies. I hope to publish more of your work in the future. 

To authors out there wondering if your work is worth showing to the world, I say give it a chance. 

This is a timid first issue. We are still looking for submissions. We look forward to receiving your works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. We are also on the lookout for art submissions of painting and photography. 

For those of you who don’t write but enjoy good stories, please share the site with friends and family and spread the word.

Aayo Magazine welcomes you! 

Ziallo Gogui